Year of review: The resilience of artist Blair Brennan

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I saw this year’s amazing Mr. Chi Pig mural early on, enjoyed talking with local writer Omar Moalem about his must-read Praying to the West, and my brain was glad to review Jason Kenny’s Hot Boy Summer: The Musical.

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Each of these stories is a clear choice for the 2021 choice, but what really stands out is the story of local artist Blair Brennan because, frankly, it seemed like we needed each other.

It was my favorite phone call of the year. I don’t have to say how severe the epidemic was, but in Brennan’s case, the rest of us were in a kind of isolation at Glenrose Hospital long before he fell and broke his back.

One of the best things about the year is talking to innovative people who come up with ways to stay intelligent, and Brennan’s ruthlessly honest attitude and ability to smile – and create art – is a lesson for all of us.

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