Vancouver weather: snow mixed with rain, may freeze

There has been snow in the suburbs of Vancouver this afternoon. There could be ice-cold rain in parts of the hinterland.

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VANCOUVER, BC: Tuesday, Dec. 21 Brrrr! Tuesday’s forecast allows snow to be mixed with rain from this afternoon. Environment and Climate Change Canada has issued a special weather report for the Vancouver subway and Sunshine Coast, warning of a southern frontal system that will bring both types of rainfall to the area. There is also a risk of icing, especially inland. The snow / rain mixture becomes rain around midnight. About two to four centimeters of snow and 10 mm of rain are expected. Today’s maximum is 1 C during the day. In unusual weather, the temperature warms up overnight and the lowest is 2 C.

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Weather: Vancouver, BC

Today: Increasing cloud cover. Early this afternoon, the snow will start to mix with the rain. It may be raining this afternoon. Local snow 2 cm. Wind up to 15 km / h. High plus 1. Wind chill minus 9 this morning.

Tonight: Snow mixed with rain, which turned to rain around midnight. It may be raining tonight. Local snow 2 to 4 cm. The amount of precipitation is 10 mm. The wind will turn southeast around 20 km / h around midnight. In the morning the temperature rises to plus 5.

Tomorrow: Rain. Quantity 10 to 15 mm. Southeast wind 20 km / h, in the afternoon it will be southwest 30. The temperature will remain close to 7 degrees.

Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada

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