Vancouver Metro drivers struggle with icy weather and bad driving conditions – BC News

White Christmas: No dreams

Canadian Newspaper – | Story: 355482

All signs point to a rare white Christmas on the southern coast of British Columbia as winter storm warnings spread across several provinces, but the incoming system caused a headache to drivers in Metro Vancouver within hours of arrival.

Canadian Environment reported heavy snowfall in parts of Vancouver on Friday morning, forcing the closure of a major bridge across the Fraser River.

Workers closed the Alex Fraser Bridge during the day on Friday due to the risk of ice falling from its cables and hitting cars below.

The Meteorological Agency said the first round of snow should turn to rain on the south coast Friday, but more snow is expected for Christmas, possibly in Fraser Valley, parts of Vancouver Island and southeastern BC.

People across central BC were warned of temperatures that could feel as cold as -40 C with cool winds, while -50 C could be near the Yukon border due to bitter Arctic cold weather passing through the region until at least Monday.

The Canadian environment also warns pet owners that extreme cold puts everyone at risk and “if it’s too cold for you to be outside, it’s too cold for your pet to be outside.”

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