Updates on Drakeo Ruler’s death – Rapper YG’s beef reappears and knife death pushes mom to consider lawsuit

Celebrities pay tribute to Drakeo the Ruler

Artists and celebrities took to social media to honor the 28-year-old.

Drake wrote in his Instagram story: “Well, this sh * t is not right for the fact that we are always doing it has lifted my spirits with your RIP Drakeo energy.”

DJ Akademiks added on Twitter: “RIP Drakeo The Ruler”.

As Jeff Weiss wrote: “RIP Drakeo, the greatest artist of a West Coast generation, a legend who invented a new rap language with slippery cadences, nervous rhythms and psychedelic jargon, who beat life twice just to suffer the most tragic fate imaginable.

“He was special, a legitimate genius and a kind and caring friend. There are no words to convey grief.”

said Drakeos lawyer John Hamasaki in a statement after his death: “We spent the two most difficult years together fighting for his freedom, facing life, before leaving a free man a little over a year ago.

“Through it, we became friends and then as a family. I don’t even know how to start processing this.”

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