Three people were killed and 6 firefighters injured in a three-signal fire in Toronto

A man was killed in a fire in Scarborough early Saturday morning, Toronto police said.

Crews arrived to smoke from homes in Kingston Road and Scarborough Golf Club Road before 3:30 p.m., police said.

The original fire of the two alarms was changed to the status of three alarms, and 17 fire trucks and dozens of firefighters responded at the scene.

Several firefighters fell across the floor of the unit in response to the fire, Squad Commander Kevin Shaw said.

“When they arrived at the scene, there was a rather serious fire,” he said.

“The fire broke out in the basement and the unit’s floor was damaged, so firefighters had to retreat,” Shaw added.

According to him, the crews found one victim at home without any vital signs. The death of the victim was later established at the scene.

According to him, firefighters called the “May Day” twice. Mayday calls are made when employees have an accident and need help to get out, so all nearby units respond to the scene.

District Chief Stephan Powell said as many as six firefighters were sent to the hospital with minor injuries and all were soon released.

Powell said three families have been relocated as a result of the incident. TTC shelter buses were booked at the scene, and the Red Cross was contacted to locate the victims.

The crews remain at the scene. The incident is being investigated by the Fire Marshal’s Office, Toronto Police and the coroner.

With files from Ashima Agnihotri


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