Three more BC universities to open online courses in 2022 after COVID-19 case increase

Simon Fraser University, Northern BC University and Victoria University have announced that they will begin the spring of the new year online.

The proclamation took place on Thursday when BC saw it The COVID-19 case increased the most So far, this is mainly due to the highly infected Omicron variant.

They followed a similar announcement from BC University on Wednesday. The province’s largest university did not reopen its private classes until January 24.

SFU And UVic They said they would not open classes to anyone until that day.

UNBC said All spring the first week of class, January 5-11, will be delivered online. Following that first week, it says “more” courses will be on offer, but some will continue online until January 28th.

All three universities Recognize a letter From the Governor of the Provincial Health, Dr. Bonnie Henry, at the time of their announcement, a note written in response. Anxiety persists From university staff and students throughout the school year on their own.

In the letter, Henry said the educational setting is “low risk” for referrals and self-instruction by 2022.

“The health leadership will work with post-secondary institutions to provide guidance, support and assistance to ensure that students can continue to learn on-site,” she said.

Henry said some high-risk settings for COVID-19 infection include “unstructured or unofficial homes and social spaces”, arguing that referrals are uncommon on school campuses.

“There is no evidence that a move to online post-secondary teaching would reduce that interaction. [in informal settings]”Students will spend less hours in a structured setting, which is less risky for referrals,” she said.

The letter is Criticized by university staff And Students After it was revealed to the public, especially after the concerns at UBC though Kovid infected students write their own exams.

Almost all universities in the province, including SFU and UNBC, self-summarized their December exams despite student protests.

UVic is the biggest university to switch some online exams after Omicron-powered electric current In Vancouver Island in early December.

UVic, SFU and UNBC all say the decision to start the next phase online will “offer clarity” to staff and students as they enter the holiday season.

Some self-learning will continue at all three schools in January, including laboratory and studio work, with the COVID-19 security protocol in place.

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