The number of daily COVIDs in BC has increased in all-time high-economy, law and politics

The daily COVID case has increased by 1,308 in the last 24 hours, which is significantly higher than the spike of both November 2020 and April this year. Chung Chou, BIV

BC’s daily new COVID-19 case count – now fueled by the rapidly spreading Omicron variant – has suddenly risen to an all-time high from nearly 300 cases a month ago.

Provincial officials confirmed the news on Tuesday, with the number of new daily COVID cases rising to 1,308 in the last 24 hours, significantly higher than the spikes in both November 2020 and April this year – followed by a daily high of 1,293 before April 8. )

The growing number, which coincides with other judicial trends across the country, prompted the province to reintroduce strict social gatherings that will last at least until mid-January, as announced today.

According to provincial data, the new spike now puts the number of covid cases active in BC at 6,348. Figures show that 192 patients were hospitalized due to the virus, of which 76 were in intensive care.

A new death has been reported in the northern health zone in the last 24 hours. This brings the total death toll from the epidemic in BC to 2,403.

The new infection, the data shows, is now powered by Omicron. Vancouver Coastal Health has again led all regions with 525 new cases in the last 24 hours. To date, 413 cases of Omicron variant have been reported by VCH.

Omicron cases are prevalent in the Island Health and Fraser Health areas, with 204 and 129 cases so far, respectively. The incidence of Omicron in Internal Health (8) and Northern Health (2) is relatively low so far.

In the non-VCH region, the new cases in the last 24 hours were as follows: Fraser Health 419, Island Health 202, Internal Health 138 and Northern Health 23.

The number of new cases in BC was already showing signs of rising over the weekend, with Friday’s figures violating 900 new cases (911 injuries) before the number exceeded 800 on both Saturday and Sunday.

In places like Ontario, where similarly strict congestion restrictions were recently imposed due to Omicron, daily new infections exceeded 4,000 this week after falling below 1,000 for several months. Quebec, meanwhile, reported a staggering 2,204 new cases on November 25 after not seeing so many numbers since last January.

Provincial health official Bonnie Henry confirmed the all-time high in the case of BC’s new daily Covid on Tuesday, adding that health authorities need to go beyond the virus in imposing restrictions on the collection of health officials to understand how to combat the Omicron variant more effectively.

The variant showed that it could infect fully vaccinated people, although Henry said that vaccines are still important in efforts to fight COVID because it reduces the likelihood of infection and the severity of symptoms.

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