Indonesia’s $20 Billion Energy Transition Partnership Takes Shape – The Diplomat

Pacific Money | Economy | Southeast Asia The Just Energy Transition Partnership has laid out a roadmap to net zero, but many details are still only vaguely sketched. A view of a wind farm at Sidenreng Rappang, Indonesia, on January 23, 2020. Credit: Depositphotos Advertisement In the weeks leading up to this year’s G-20 summit … Read more

Glimmer of Justice for 9-Year-Old Killed in Philippine Drug War – The Diplomat

Advertisement The Philippine Court of Appeals yesterday granted the petition of the father of a child killed at the height of the country’s “war on drugs” seeking to correct the cause of death listed on his death certificate – a rare move toward accountability for the bloody law- and-order campaign. Lenin Baylon, 9, was hit … Read more

Will Thailand Ever Repeal Its Archaic Lese Majeste Law? – The Diplomat

Advertisement In Thailand, the past two years have seen more than 130 people charged with insulting the country’s monarchy – many of them student activists who led the mass protests that roiled the capital Bangkok in late 2020 and early 2021. The country’s lese-majeste law, which criminalizes any criticism of the king, the royal family, … Read more

Indonesia Set to Pass Controversial New Criminal Code This Month – The Diplomat

Advertisement Later this month, Indonesia’s parliament is expected to pass a new and controversial draft criminal code that will penalize sex outside marriage and ban assaults against the president and state institutions. Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej, Indonesia’s deputy justice minister, told Reuters this week that the code is likely to be passed on December 15, … Read more

Indonesia wants to make an OPEC for this coveted metal

London CNN Business — Indonesia produces more nickel than any other country. As demand soars for batteries to power the energy transition, that presents a huge opportunity, and the archipelago nation of 276 million people intends to take advantage of it. With the electric vehicle revolution driving up demand for key battery metals such as … Read more

In Forming Malaysia’s New Cabinet, Anwar Strikes a Careful Balance – The Diplomat

Members of Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s cabinet pose for a photo during their swearing in at the Istana Negara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 3, 2022. Credit: Twitter/Anwar Ibrahim Advertisement Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has taken on the role of finance minister more than two decades after last holding the post, he announced … Read more