Reader’s letter: Low taxes, other priorities are more important than the Streetcar project

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The following is an excerpt from Mayor Drew Dilkens’ remarks about maintaining the tax hike line, as well as funding various projects related to the budget negotiations.

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It’s all rhetorical, especially since he pushed for at least 4 8.4 million in funding for the Streetcar project. Yet at other times his response included how responsible and prudent the mayor and council are. He does not object to spending unless it is wise to do so, as well as saying that this is not the year we can afford to do so much.

To me, this clearly applies to all councilors who have voted in favor of the cost of the Streetcar project. They had no business doing it after claiming to be a crusader in their ward and city about holding the tax increase line.

Both the mayor and several councilors have said they are fighting for people who are facing major financial problems, including inflation, epidemics, living on fixed incomes, and those who have lost their jobs or will be laid off in the future. Years

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The point of the speech is very clear, but I hope the mayors and councilors will not just speak in line, but will work to redirect to the financing of lesser-needed projects, such as the Streetcar project, to a more important project, or to lower taxes.

William F. Balaz, Windsor

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