P&G remembers shampoos and conditioners that may contain benzene

Procter & Gamble is recalling dry shampoo sprays and spray conditioning products from half a dozen brands sold nationwide after benzene was found in some of them.

The recall involves U.S.-produced P&G Aussie, Herbal Essences, Pantene and Waterless brands, a Cincinnati-based consumer goods conglomerate said Friday in a notice released by the Food and Drug Administration. Dry aerosol shampoo products that were previously discontinued from Hair Food and Old Spice hair brands are also included in the recall.

Exposure to benzene – classified as a human carcinogen – can cause cancers including leukemia and cancer of the bone marrow, as well as life-threatening blood diseases. “P&G stated:” Daily exposure to benzene in the product reminds us that the levels detected in our tests should not cause adverse health consequences.

Reminder products have been distributed to retailers nationwide and online. The P&G brand will offer refunds to those who bought the recall products, which should be discarded, the company said.

Image of current Pantene products in the market.


Produced between January 2019 and June 2021, Pantene products are recalled listed with UPC codes here.

Production codes can be found on the bottom of the boxes.


Information on affected Herbal Essences products and refund instructions can be found here, while images and information for Aussie and Waterless products can be viewed here and here, respectively.

Image of current waterless products in market.

Without water

More about Hair Food and Old Spice is also available here and here.

Old Spice has already stopped dry shampoo.

Old Spice

Benzene is not an ingredient in any of P&G’s products, but a review found unexpected levels of carcinogens in the propellant that sprayed the product out of the box, the company said.

The company began testing its aerosol products after the latest report indicated traces of benzene in some aerosol spray products, according to P&G.

The vast majority of P&G products including liquid shampoos and liquid conditioners are not part of the booster.


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