Northeastern Ohio Deer Cave Covided-19, Study Says

Cleveland, Ohio – A white-tailed deer around Northeast Ohio are contracting COVID-19, according to a study that tested hundreds of deer.

According to a report from Ohio State University, researchers tested 360 deer in different locations between January and March. Of the six areas, deer were tested and 129 (35.8%) had the virus.

“The theory of work based on our procedures is that people are giving to deer, and we have clearly given it over and over again,” said Andrew Bowman, associate professor of veterinary medicine and lead author of the study. “We have evidence of six different strains of the virus in those deer.

Three different variables have been identified, the Delta variant is not one of them. According to the study, deer living near large numbers of people are more likely to be infected.

Deer could be contaminated by drinking contaminated water, the study found.

Anxiety can cause deer to catch the virus and become a source of infection in the future, Bowman said.

“According to other studies, we know they are exposed in the wild and we attack them in the laboratory and the virus is transmitted from deer to deer. Here, in the wild, we say they are infected,” Bowman said in a news release. We have a new source of SARS-CoV-2 coming up, which means we need to know more about the deer than just what is going on in humans.

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