MANDEL: Why did the murderer continue out in punishment during the day?

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Marcello Palma is a hunter. A cold-blooded assassin. A serial killer.


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And just like that, he was released after being sentenced to just 25 years for the murders of three Toronto sex workers in one bloody night in 1996.

This, after Palma, 56, never leaves on an unsafe day.

But the Canadian Parole Commission ruled earlier this month that Palma was at low risk of being rejected and sent him out of jail on a day off in the middle of Barrie. He told the committee that he hopes to return to the heating and air conditioning business and in his spare time, plans to help his mother, join a local book club and volunteer with a charitable organization.

He was under the condition of not contacting the families of his victims or any sex workers.

It was after his wife and his girlfriend rejected him on Victoria Day that Palma turned his anger to someone he could control – the “garbage” he hated, and still could not stop himself from claiming.


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It was a perfect night for murder. Under the guise of rockets and hurricanes, the father of the little girl shot Brenda Ludgate, 25, Shawn Keegan, 19, and Thomas (Deanna) Wilkinson, 31, each with a .357 Magnum. Bullets.

Thursday, May 30, 1996 Toronto's solar eclipse.  Toronto Sun file.
Thursday, May 30, 1996 Toronto’s solar eclipse. Toronto Sun file.

When police finally caught Palma running in Halifax, they found he had several books with him, including Four basic concepts of Psychoanalysis And Without consciousness , A book on psychopaths.

In his trial, Palma tried unsuccessfully to argue that he was not criminally responsible at the time. He has been seeing a psychiatrist since 1991 and often talks about his murders.

The judge found that Palma knew exactly what he was doing.


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There is no doubt that Palma in the secret meeting expressed a desire to Kill People on the street or they call it ‘terrible’ Judge David Watt said.

He procured a variety of weapons and ammunition Destroy Human life and then he hunted those he considered inferior, the services he used only those he despised and wanted. Kill, “He said.

For all practical purposes, these are practical.

But why? No answer yet. And without one, is there no danger of it happening again?

“In discussing the events that led to your offense, you admit that it is difficult for you to determine the reasons for your thoughts,” the commission said in its decision. “You explained that a year before your offense, you had experienced problems with anger, frustration and bitterness.”


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He tells them that he is under a lot of pressure – and no wonder, Palma is doubling his wife with his wife, and his wife with a prostitute.

“You indicated that you asked for help but could not get it. You describe how you are a narcissistic angry person where you believe you are superior to others, ”the commission noted.

“You have listed people according to your values. For example, he described you as having a prostitute at the top of your feet, with a prostitute at the bottom. You describe the way you think prostitutes are liars. You believe that your attitude and values ​​at the time gave you permission to act. “

Palma admits that after the three murders, he felt justified. “You feel that in order to solve your problem, you have to kill someone and feel that this will cure you from your bad feelings.”

So is this the “strong understanding” they are talking about? Are some anger management classes, remorse expressions and psychological counseling enough to make us feel safe?

The serial killer has been enjoying Christmas outside for the first time in 25 years – a privilege his victims will not enjoy.



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