LA County health officials announce the spread of cholera virus

LA County health officials say they are expanding COVID-19 testing services, and the in-home test collection program has resumed.

The announcement comes as the number of new cases of coronavirus has risen to nearly 10,000, with health officials saying it is the spread of the highly contagious omega virus.

As residents prepare for the holiday season, demand for testing has increased. The county’s positive rating is 9.6 percent, up from 4.6 percent on Tuesday, officials said.

“LA County residents are doing a good job of check-in before the meeting,” said Dr. Christina Galli, director of the LA County Health Services Department. In the coming weeks, we will continue to monitor experimental needs closely and adjust our capabilities as needed.

County officials say the extended test has extended extended working hours, “additional weekends and weekends” at test sites in the county since Friday, and additional mobile test units have been sent to “difficult areas,” the report said. Release.

The county health department is re-launching a holiday home test collection program that allows residents to request a nasal spray kit at home within two days.

The county reported 9,988 new cases on Friday, 8,633 on Thursday and 6,509 on Wednesday. Issues have increased dramatically this week. On Tuesday, the county was reporting 3,052 cases.

Provinces in the state are seeing an increase in cases.

According to data released by the California Department of Public Health Thursday, at least three California health systems account for 50% to 70% of new cases.

Officials did not say whether the full process was still under way and where Omicron was rapidly expanding. In addition, the state is there, and clinical and wastewater data indicate that Omiron is now being distributed in most parts of California.

Officials say they hope to overturn new curfews and believe in the best chance of controlling omega-3 vaccines and vaccines, as well as safety protocols such as wearing a home mask.

Galileo, as needed, said: “It plays an important role in our collective struggle with the current holiday season.

We encourage anyone – including those who have been vaccinated – to check if they believe they have been exposed or if they are seeing signs.

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