Increase in COVID of Saints

Yesterday, the Saints saw 9 players included in the reserve list / COVID-19 including center-backs Taysom Hill AND Trevor Siemian who were expected to perform duties after the center for the rest of the year with Jameis Winston in IR with a torn ACL. Except for those two, guards James Carpenter, line protector Kaden Ellis, defensive protection Jeff Heath, protective end Jalyn Holmes, defensive protection Malcolm Jenkins, protective interventions Kristian Ringo, and handle Jordan Mills all found themselves on the COVID list. In addition to center-backs and full-time player Jenkins, the other six players together have 8 starts between them.

With three quarterbacks currently unavailable for Monday night’s game against the Dolphins, the Saints are expected to begin the final selection in the fourth round by Notre Dame, Ian Book. As we reported earlier this morning, New Orleans also made the signing move Blake Bortles as an emergency plan after the Book.

Well, despite the addition, the Saints did not perform better today, losing full-time titles Ryan Ramczyk in treatment and Demario Davis in the line protector in the backup list / COVID-19, as well as back-up backups Dwayne Washington and security JT Gray.

With the losses, the Saints will continue to operate on an impoverished roster, like any other NFL team this year. The Saints lineup now lacks regular players like Winston, Hill, Jenkins, Ramczyk, Davis, strikers. Wil Lutz, treat Andrus Peat, narrow end Adam Trautman, and wide receiver Michael Thomas. Although they look like a team shell that could be in full force, the Saints, along with the rest of the NFL, will continue to work to make the most of a bad situation as there are currently only two places out of the final. . Wild Card country with a 7-7 record, losing the ball to Minnesota with 7 seeds and Philadelphia with 8 seeds.


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