In the NHL, the NHLPA agrees to suspend the season until Christmas, starting Wednesday

The National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players Association have reached an agreement to suspend the season until December 25, and from Wednesday.

The two matches scheduled for Tuesday will still go as planned.

The league and the NHL players’ association said in a joint statement on Sunday that they are trying to avoid closing the entire league and making decisions for each team. The final shift gives all 32 teams a longer break before players, coaches and staff will be able to skate and test for a coronavirus again on Sunday.

Under the terms of the collective agreement, a Christmas break usually prohibits teamwork until December 27th. Games are still scheduled for that day.

When the team premises are reopened, everyone traveling with the team must first show a negative COVID-19 test result in order to enter the facility.

The latest wave of coronavir-related shutdowns led to the closure of 10 command rooms on Monday. Of the 49 deferrals, 44 have been deferred in the past two weeks as Delta and Omicron variants spread in North America.

More than 15 percent of the league’s more than 700 players have a virus protocol, and the resulting schedule disruption has almost certainly condemned the opportunity to participate in the Olympics. The final decision on the Beijing Games is due to be made this week, and the chances of NHL players returning to the Olympics for the first time since 2014 have diminished.

Columbus’ Blue Jackets, Montreal’s Canadiens, Edmonton’s Oilers and Ottawa’s Senators on Monday became the latest teams to suspend all activity due to positive COVID-19 tests. Boston’s Bruins, Colorado’s Avalanche, Detroit’s Red Wings, Florida’s Panthers, Nashville’s Predators and Toronto’s Maple Leafs are also closed, and Calgary Flames has just reopened for players, coaches and employees who are not on the protocol.

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