Ghislaine Maxwell was a dangerous predator, the prosecutor said

NEW YORK (AP) – Ghislaine Maxwell was a dangerous and experienced predator who caused “deep and lasting harm” to young girls by recruiting and nurturing them for sexual abuse by financier Jeffrey Epstein, the prosecutor told sworn judges during closing remarks on Monday.

U.S. Assistant Attorney Alison Moe told the jury that Epstein would not have been able to hunt teenage girls for more than a decade without the help of a British social lady, whom he described as a “house lady” because Epstein abused girls in a New York mansion. , Florida real estate and ranch in New Mexico.

“Ghislaine Maxwell was dangerous,” Moe told jurors in the courtroom, where many pandemic precautions were taken. “Maxwell and Epstein committed terrible crimes.”

The prosecutor said Maxwell was a “difficult predator who knew exactly what he was doing. He ran the same game book over and over again.

“He manipulated and cared for his victims. He caused deep and lasting harm to the young girls. It’s time to bring him to justice,” Moe said.

His summary was made at the beginning of the fourth week of the experiment, which was originally to last six weeks.

This is followed by defensive arguments as Maxwell’s team returns to the idea that he was turned into a scapegoat after Epstein was killed in a federal prison in Manhattan in August 2019 while awaiting a sex trafficking trial.

Maxwell, 59, was supported in court by four siblings sitting side by side in the front row of spectators.

Fashion stood in front of the jury as Maxwell, in a black mask and white sweater, sat behind him at the guardboard and took notes, turning his notebook from time to time.

The prosecutor told jurors that Maxwell was a “fine and smiling age-appropriate woman” who hid Epstein’s “horrible” behavior.

Maxwell has been imprisoned without bail since July 2020. Judge Alison J. Nathan has repeatedly denied paying her bail, despite the lawyer’s arguments that her $ 22.5 million property was pledged and that she was willing to be under 24-hour surveillance by armed guards. ensure his appearance in court.

The termination came after two dozen prosecution witnesses testified, including four women who alleged that Epstein abused them as a teenager with Maxwell’s help.

The two-day defense was attended by former Epstein employees who had good memories of Maxwell. It also included the testimony of a memory expert who said that memories were particularly vulnerable to corruption over time.

Larry Neumeister and Tom Hays, Associated Press

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