Fully Vaccinated People Covide ‘Super Immune’

Congratulations, you are basically the Superman medical version! (Illustrated Reuters)

Dear Reader, If you are reading this article, I suspect that you may have isolated yourself – or at least have done so recently – because you are convinced that it is copied by Copy-19.

Well, once again, this is good news because you and I (poor, sick writer) can now become ‘Super Defenders’ like Superman Medical.

A small study in the US compared 26 people who were vaccinated against coronavirus at Oregon Health and Science University, but did not get any positive tests.

And after vaccination, the infected group showed a significant increase in antibodies by up to 2,000%.

Fekadu Tafesse, a professor of molecular microbiology and immunology, wrote: It is, in fact, a highly contagious disease.

‘Super Immunity’. ‘

Dr. Monica Gandhi, of the University of California, San Francisco, said in a study: “This vaccine produces stronger immunity than any other infection.

Professor Tafesse added: “We know that what we say will happen. If you are exposed to the virus, you will have this amazing immune response. ‘

It is not clear whether all infected people in the study were infected with the new oxycodone or any other strain.

A Covirus-19 Population Vaccine Center in London, UK, on ​​December 19, 2021, will provide a booster vaccine.

After vaccination, the infected group showed a significant increase in antibodies by 2,000% (Photo: Reuters)

More promising news comes after an additional 91,743 CV-19 infections were confirmed in the UK yesterday.

The UK Health Agency estimates that there are 8,044 new confirmed Omicron alternatives, bringing the total to 45,145.

Within 28 days, an additional 44 people were confirmed to be infected with CV-19.

Another study by Columbia University found that oxycodone differentiated the ‘major spores’ from the four major brands – Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca.

And patients who experienced an increase in jaundice were 6.5 times less likely to be exposed to omega-3 antibodies than the original virus.

Compulsory masks resurfaced in UK

A Colombian study therefore warns that those who take Omron’s injection may still be ‘a threat’ – even if there is no incentive.

“These findings are consistent with new clinical data on Omicron differences,” the researchers said.

‘Even a third booster vaccine will not adequately protect against Omicron infection.’

So while the Oregon study only shows the first signs, if you are fully vaccinated, added, and have Omicron variant symptoms, you may be in a better position to prevent it.

Marcel Curllin, another co-author of Oregon Studies, said: “I think this is the last game.

The outbreak does not mean we are at the end of the day, but it does indicate where we can land. Protected from future differences.

“Our long-term impact is to reduce the severity of the global epidemic,” he said.

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