Everything you need to know about COVID-19 in Alberta on Monday, December 20th

Latest COVID-19 numbers:

  • The Alberta government expects a provincial outreach Latest COVID-19 numbers Monday afternoon. CBC Calgary and CBC Edmonton will report them online.
  • On December 17, Alberta reported:
    • 553 New COVID case For the third day in a row, the number of new cases has increased in the province.
    • 4,431 All active casesUp from 4,212 days ago. Calgary again leads the province in all cases, with almost double Edmonton second.
    • 344 people were infected with Kovid The factory, Including 68 in Intensive care.
    • One New death.

  • When it comes to Omicron Anxiety Disorder, Dec. 17:
    • The total number of Omicron cases in Alberta has risen to 173, up from 23 weeks earlier on December 10th.
    • Alberta reported 54 new cases of Omicron on December 17th.
    • The dull figure compared to Ontario, where more than 90 percent of the 3,124 new infections reported Dec. 17 are estimated to come from the Omicron variant.
    • Of the 173 cases in Alberta, 143 were vaccinated, six were partially vaccinated and 24 were not vaccinated, Alberta Health said.
    • It also said 71 were related to travel, 39 were close contact of the case, and 63 were related to community or unknown referrals.
    • About half of the different cases – 87 – are in the Calgary area.

Watch | What is the Omicron variant? Infectious disease specialist Craig Jenne simplifies the variables:

What is the Omicron variant?

Infectious disease specialist Craig Jenne simplifies what variables are, and what they mean for the latest round of our COVID fights. 5:00

  • Since the beginning of the epidemic, the total 3,286 Albertans have Dead Of COVID.
  • 333,306 Albertans have Restore.
  • Yes Active alerts or outbreaks 135 School.
  • Confirmed cases of Omicron variables have been reported in Three schools Conducted by the Calgary Board of Education (CBE), the organization’s December 16.
  • The Calgary Catholic School District has two Omicron-certified cases, each with a different school.
  • On December 19, the University of Calgary, citing the rising case of Omicron, canceled the actual exam. Remaining in the semester. The university also said that any activity that does not have to be with people via the internet on January 3-7 and encourage everyone to work remotely until January 9.
  • Across the province, R value For November 29 to December 12 is 0.96, with a confidence interval between 0.92 to 1.01. An R-value below 1.0 means that the transmission is no longer growing.
  • The R value for the Edmonton area is 0.99, and in Calgary it is 0.96. In the rest of Alberta, the rate is 0.93.

Updates on Limitations, Quick Test and more:

  • Alberta was there Restriction-free program The Vaccine Passport System has been in place since September 20, following the COVID-19 disaster. Full list of Restrictions and exclusions Available on government websites.
  • Prime Minister Jason Kenney said Dec. 15 that the province is Relieve the constraints of its private social gathering, Repeal the rule that only people from two households can live together in a house.
    • Social gatherings can now consist of people from any family, but as a group Do not exceed 10 People. Albertans under the age of 18 do not count in that number.
    • The requirement that all people gather socially within a home is Fully vaccinated Is also being reduced.
  • Beginning December 17, the Alberta government took action Get it for freeRapid immunodeficiency test COVID-19 at home Series Available at home for the first time, come first while the appliance will be dry:
    • The kit is intended for people without symptoms of COVID-19. People with symptoms should stay home, isolated, and book a PCR examination through Alberta Health Services.
    • Limited to one box per person within 14 days and each box has 5 tests, because it takes time for the human body to develop enough protein from the virus that causes coronary heart disease 19 after exposure.
    • In Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer, the Test kit Available through participating pharmacies.
    • The province has more than half a million garments to donate.
    • Rapid test kits will also be available in more schools and for vulnerable populations.
    • Elsewhere, they will be available through Alberta Health Services.
    • As the launch began, there were reports of long dresses and running suits running out somewhere.
    • The Alberta government told CBC News on Monday.
    • It said it expects to test an additional one million – or, 200,000 packages – with confirmation of a shipment date later in December.
    • The government says it hopes to get 10 million monthly tests by January.

Note: How to perform rapid antigen testing:

Vaccine Updates:

  • As of December 17, Alberta ranks second among the provinces and territories in percentage of Those who received the drug received at least half a dose and those who received 2 doses. Vaccine against Covid 19:
    • 71.8 percent of the province’s total population – or 76.5 percent of eligible Albertans (five years of age or older) – received. Twice Of the COVID-19 vaccine.
    • Of the province’s total population, 77.9 percent received at least Single dose, Or 84.4 percent (five years of age or older), according to CBC Vaccine Tracker.
    • That compares to 81.7 percent Of the entire population of Canada who have been vaccinated at least once, and 76.3 percent Of all populations that have been fully vaccinated. Among those eligible throughout the country, 86 percent Get a single dose, and 80.2 percent Get fully vaccinated.

  • Kenney declared on December 15 that all Albertans were 50 years of age or older – Like all health workers – have the right to receive mRNA immediately Kovid-19 vaccine, Provided that at least six months have passed since their second.
  • The one who gets twice AstraZeneca Or Johnson & Johnson’s 1-shot Janssen vaccine can still be given the mRNA vaccine, if they have not already received the mRNA for travel purposes, and given it at least six months after their second vaccination.
    • Eligible people can book an appointment for a third injection online with a participating pharmacy or AHS using the Alberta Vaccine Booking System.
    • Albertans can also call 811, participating pharmacies or participating clinics.

See which areas are most affected:

This is Latest regional details According to the provincial report, December 17:

  • Calgary Region: 2,069.
  • Edmonton area: 1,283.
  • Central area: 493.
  • Area: 381.
  • South: 200.
  • Unknown: 5.

Here is the latest Alberta COVID-19 news:

Latest updates on the COVID-19 in Alberta in charts and graphs:

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