Covide says the US military is close to developing vaccines against all forms of coronary heart disease.

The US Department of Defense (DOD) is just weeks away from announcing a vaccine against CVD-19, including the Omikron and Delta differences, and other cholera viruses that have killed millions of people around the world.

The Walter Reed Army Research Institute, DODI’s largest biomedical research institute, reports that after two years of operation, vaccination against not only existing species and variants but also other potential vaccines is nearing great success. Defense one.

Spike ferritin nanoparticle covide-19 vaccine or SPFN Walter Reed vaccine successfully completed animal experiments earlier this year. According to Kevon Modjarad, director of the Walter Reed Infectious Diseases Branch, this year’s Human Phase 1 test was performed.

The vaccine has not yet been tested in Phase 2 and Section 3 and the results of Chapter 1 are being evaluated.

“It’s very exciting for our entire team to reach this point and I think for the whole army,” said Dr. Modjarad.

The institute took longer than expected for human trials because the vaccine had to be tested in people who had not been vaccinated or who had not been vaccinated.

“With Omiron, there is really no way to escape this virus. You cannot remove it. So I think that soon the whole world will be vaccinated or infected. ”

He added: “We need to evaluate it in the real world and try to understand how the vaccine works in large numbers of people who have been vaccinated against something else or who have been ill in the past.

Walter Reed has not yet named his industry partner, who is distributing the vaccine.

The researchers said they focused on “long-term play” to understand not only how viruses are transmitted and the early onset of SARS.

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