How To Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources

Render-blocking resources are a critical part of optimizing the infrastructure of your webpage. Reducing them can help make your page load much faster and significantly improve your page’s Core Web Vitals. These render-blocking resources include things like external fonts that take too long to load (that don’t need to be used), unnecessary media files, code … Read more

How Franchise Businesses Can Scale Search Marketing

If you are not setting aside 30 minutes each day to scale your franchise’s search marketing and local SEO, you’re falling behind your competition. Rest assured they are watching your marketing and developing strategies to siphon away some of your traffic. Four factors impact your franchise’s local SEO more than anything else: Consistent and accurate … Read more

4 simple tips to boost traffic and sales

Imagine walking into a grocery store, list in hand, and all of the store’s products were randomly strewn on tables displayed throughout. Odds are good that you would U-turn and make the drive to a store where things were better organized. You wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your life sorting through all the … Read more