Facebook Parent’s Oversight Board Criticizes ‘Cross Check’ Program That Protects VIP Users

Meta Platforms Inc. has long given unfair deference to VIP users of its Facebook and Instagram services under a program called “cross check” and has misled the public about the program, the company’s oversight board concluded in a report issued Tuesday. The report offers the most detailed review to date of cross check, which Meta … Read more

Lower Oil Prices On The Horizon As China Enters Next Phase Of Covid Crisis

Since the late 1990s, China has been the big beast in the global oil markets, driving demand for oil and other commodities that it used to power double-digit economic growth every year for many years and then high single-figure growth for years after that . As late as 2017, China’s high rate of economic growth … Read more

Rackspace outage persists with no immediate plans to restore service

As an outage of email services provided by Rackspace Technology Inc. stretched through a fourth day Monday, customers had questions but the San Antonio company wasn’t offering many answers. That left some to fend for themselves as they looked for alternative ways to communicate with clients and conduct business. Others complained of spending hours on … Read more