Books for kids: Last minute gift tips for kids

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There’s not much time left for Christmas shopping, but here are some books that can be used as a last-minute gift – the first two titles are best for three- to seven-year-olds.

Twenty big trucks in the middle of Christmas

By Mark Lee

Illustrated by Kurt Cyrus

Candlewick Press

Little boys (or girls) who like trucks will be interested in the various rigs in this photo book that will help clear a snowy area for a huge Christmas tree in downtown – from an unfortunate donut truck to a snowmobile with a crane to a boomer truck. . The text is straightforward but the images are colorful and detailed, even suitable for those who are too young to read for themselves (but can certainly count with the reader).

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Tiny deer

Written and illustrated by Chris Naylor-Balesteros

Tundra books

An interesting story about a little deer that Santa wants to be part of Christmas preparations but whose size works against him. When Santa advises him to help in the mailroom, he receives a letter from a little girl whose grandfather made her a nice little wooden slay but not a reindeer to go with it. With the help of Santa, the tiny deer fills the void and finds a new home in the process.

The book’s endpapers are an integral part of the plot line, the front spread shows a little girl posting a letter from her rural home while the back spread shows her running through the snow, with a small sledge in hand, while the little deer, sleigh through the ice, flies forward. .

The legend of the Christmas witch

By Dan Murphy and Aubrey Plaza

Illustrated by Julia Iredale


Ages 6 to 9

The story revolves around a folk / fairy tale about twin children abandoned in the Black Forest – but before the Disney sanitization, La Brothers Grimm. Christopher and his sister Christorn (Norwegian for Holly) had magical traits that helped them survive in the forest and they became very close the day the Danish couple found the young man and took him home thinking he was alone and adopted him.

Her sister, left behind, finds Lutzelfrau, a sorcerer who took her home and taught her to celebrate Ulitide (meaning winter solstice). One year, the raven, the messenger of Malachi, Lutzelfrau, brings the news that the villagers are accusing Christorn of witchcraft. Lutzelfrau tells the girl to leave the Black Forest for her own safety, and since Malachi also brings her brother’s word, Christorn decides to find her.

In the wake of a storm at sea, however, he landed at the South Pole instead of the North Pole, where his brother, now known as Chris Kringle, lived. Eventually, the two siblings connect, but Cristorno doesn’t live happily ever after. The book is beautifully illustrated by BC artist Julia Eredel (although she depicts Chris Slack with six deer when the text says eight).

– Bernie Goehart

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